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INTUITIVE NAVIGATION Just Follow that Yellow Brick Road

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    About The Book:

Just Follow that Yellow Brick Road

That Yellow Brick Road is the Path of our Intuition,
Guided by a far wiser and knowing intelligence within us.

The book offers you a user-friendly system to help you learn to trust your own inner voice. Like Dorothy and her friends in The Wizard of Oz, we all care about our heads and hearts and seek the courage to walk our own path, and find our way to a place we belong, and feel loved and safe. From their trip down the yellow brick road they learned that the wizard they sought to solve their problems was not out there in the world, but only inside themselves.

We know how smoothly life can flow when we listen to the voice of our inner wizard, but too often we find it difficult to tune into that inner voice.  We have been trained to seek the expert outside, and we don’t quite trust what comes up from within.  
       Intuitive Navigation shows you how you can use an ordinary deck of playing cards as a tool to teach you to trust in its wisdom. It increases your awareness of your intuition, and that strengthens your belief in yourself.
     Numbers, Suits and Layouts become your Allies (like Dorothy’s Scarecrow (abstract thought),Tin Man (Suits) and Lion (layouts). They help your intuition navigate that yellow brick road by providing it with a language to translate the messages that come up from deep in your unconscious, to help you:

club Clarify how you really feel
heart See into the heart of a problem
spade Successfully deal with stress and changes
diamond Find a new perspective with more helpful ways
to look at yourself and your situation

The Cards are like a personal Trainer
Helping you develop your intuitive muscles,
so you no longer catch yourself, shaking
your head and ruefully sighing
“I knew I shouldn’t have done that!”

The book offers you a short report on the odd history of playing cards; a briefing for your trip; an exploration of all the elements: the numbers, suits, and layouts. An introduction to Keywords and the Art of Interpretation; many Sample Readings; a section with 4 or 5 variations on the interpretations for every card in the deck; a wide variety of layouts for different occasions and issues, including The Wheel of Fortune layout for a complete New Perspective Life Reading, and a section on partner layouts. There’s a section on Fine Tuning your Readings. There are Appendices covering Keywords for all elements, and a far-ranging, stimulating collection of Associations to Numbers: 0 through 13; along with many illustrations, charts, an annotated bibliography, and an index.



Copyright 2003 Phyillis Schwartz