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Trip Tik: Overview of the Book

We begin with a stroll through the intriguing history of playing cards in Chapter 1...

Then Chapter 2 presents a briefing for our trip, touching on handling, shuffling, and selecting cards; a look at the effect of our intent, and ways to invite our unconscious to talk with us along the way. We'll see how to get the best results by fine-tuning questions and using the most effective and productive attitude. In Chapters 3, 4, and 5 we will consider each of the elements of the cards that provide us with allies on the journey. We'll visit the realms of the Scarecrow (abstract Numbers), the Tin Man (Suits-- the modes of perception), and then the realm of the Lion (for Layouts) where we will be offered a variety of card spreads to reflect the territory we wish to explore.

Chapter 6 –The Art of Interpretation (the realm of the wizard) introduces sample readings and the blending of Keywords for numbers and suits.

Interpretations for every Card are available in Chapter 7. There are several variations on the theme for each card. Here your intuition will zero in on the paragraphs that best relate to your question or circumstance.

When you are ready to spread your wings and attempt a full Life Reading, Chapter 8 introduces The Wheel of Fortune, my favorite layout for a comprehensive Life Reading. It is based on the Astrological Horoscope wheel, which marks out different areas of your life. The vivid images connected with the Houses and Signs help you apply the interpretations to your own situations.

Chapter 9 "Who's Who Here" suggests who the Jacks, Queens and Kings may represent as they turn up in the different Houses. There is also a listing of which Houses to check for specific questions about love, work, money, family, health, career, etc., etc. ,etc .

Chapter 10 is a Fine-tuning section that explores refinements of interpretation: patterns of dominance and placement of the elements, high or low cards, and reversed cards. The chapter closes with Reading in a Nutshell. an excellent method to summarize the main elements of the Reading..

Appendix A: Quick Keyword Reference has neatly gathered together in one place Keywords for every number, suit, card, and also for the houses and signs of the Wheel of Fortune.

Appendix B: Associations to Numbers, is a multi-faceted, wide ranging collection of associations to the numbers from 0 to 13 from every kind of source, to deepen your understanding, refresh your interest, and extend your conception of numbers. If you should come across items to add to my list of associations (and you surely will) it would please me enormously if you would contact me. My e-mail address is . I would be delighted to hear from you on any aspect of the book... my quest continues.

I've included a Bibliography of books I've found interesting and/or pertinent to my research, and an Index to help you quickly find any particular item.

And so, here we go ... We're off to see the Wizard



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