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Thank you for visiting my website.
I’m in the process of building this website right now, as I  speak (so to speak.)

For over 25 years now I’ve been doing psychic Readings and I’ve discovered some unexpected things. I’ve written a book to share what I’ve learned with you...and I’m excited about it. Naturally, I’m developing this website to help me to share that book with all of you. But I've done many other things as well, what about sharing them as well?
Would it take away from the book to share other things too? Maybe!

I asked myself some questions…

What do I really want to accomplish with the Website?
What do I want to see on it?
What do I want it to do?

I was a little surprised at my answers                                  

  • I want to have a place to gather all the threads of my journey…where I can
    celebrate my accomplishments and share my life's creative endeavors:
    my Drawings, Dreamscapes, Greeting Cards, WindStars, Readings, Workshops, Investigations…and my book.

  • I have an intriguing troupe of whimsical characters and faces--an ensemble of characters from some fanciful kingdom that I’ve doodled over many years now. Some are mere scraps of ideas, some fully developed personalities. I really want the website to help me to gather together my myriad dramatis place them, and shift them, and see how they want to go together…and see what they mean when they group together as they choose. Perhaps they are telling a story I need to hear, or perhaps one I need to share with you.

  • I still need to come up with a realistic and fair monetary value for my different works. My New Perspective Life Reading is $75, the Mini Reading is $25, Workshops are $20. Those were not difficult... But, it's not quite so simple to come up with a reasonable (and affordable) cost for design and creativity, or a fair price for the amount of time it can take to complete a Dreamscape or a WindStar? But, t'will be done.

  •  I’d like the website to be a rallying point for people who may be interested in my Work and care about what I care about… I want the website to be a venue for exchanging ideas with kindred souls.

  • I want to offer you FREE mini card readings, to give you a taste of how an ordinary deck of playing cards can turn your everyday routine into an extraordinary adventure. Thanks to my son Nat's incredibly inventive, intelligent and inquisitive nature, that will soon be available.

  • So, I welcome you to this ever-developing mirror for my meandering. Please feel free to click on all the buttons (soon they will all be operational)... join me to share my journey down that yellow brick road…



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